Peering Policy


This Guide is used by Colt to evaluate requests made by Network Providers and for evaluating existing interconnect partners for the purpose of directly exchanging IP traffic with Colt's Autonomous System (AS) 8220. The third party network must fulfil the following conditions and requirements in order to qualify for a Peering Agreement with AS 8220.

These criteria are only guidelines and are not exhaustive. Any final peering executed by Colt and a potential peer may contain additional terms and conditions. Colt reserves the right to decline to enter into a Peering Agreement even if the criteria are nominally met by a potential peering partner.

Colt currently accepts "public peering" and "private peering" by mutual agreement in Europe, North Americal and Asia Pacific. For details of all our facilities and connected exchange points please see our record.

Infrastructure and Operational Requirements.


Traffic Balance

Additional Requirements

Contact Information

Additional Information

If a network fulfils all of the requirements outlined above and wishes to proceed with an Internet Peering Agreement with Colt, please contact including a list of exchange points, your AS, company name and contact information as outlined above.

A peer is expected to continually fulfil Colt's peering policy for the duration of the peering. If a peer no longer meets Colt's peering policy then Colt reserve the right to remove the peering without notice.

Important Information

This Peering Guide is made available for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an offer to enter into a Peering Agreement. In the event your network enters into a Peering Arrangement with Colt that peering shall be on an as is basis and Colt reserve the right to remove temporarily or indefinitely that peering without notice.

Colt reserves the right to revise or change this document at any time and from time to time without notice. As a living document, this guide will be updated as necessary to enhance and/or expand the information contained herein.