Autonomous System

Colt operates a single Autonomous System Number (AS8220) across its entire IP network. Colt also operates AS10021 in Asia. Most peers will receive full AS-COLT routes when meeting our peering policy.

Colt operates in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, South America and Africa and carefully operates policies which manipulate which prefixes are advertised in each region by different peers and customers.

Peers which don't meet the peering policy but where mutual advantage exists in a peering relationship Colt may treat such peers as regional peers or local country peers for the region or country in which that peer exists.

Some peers may receive only local country routes at certain locations where traffic balance is better achieved. For example Colt will only announce local country routes to content heavy peers to better balance inbound traffic towards Colt.

Where a peer doesn't interconnect with Colt in one of the above geographic regions Colt may restrict received routes and advertised routes to be within the region where peering interconnections exist.

Technical Details

AS Number: 8220
Suggested Maximum Prefix: 10000
MD5 Password: Preferred if supported

Technical Contacts

NOC 24x7 e-mail:
NOC 24x7 phone: +44 (0)20 7390 7848

Policy Contacts

Peering e-mail:
Peering Manager: Mark Borchardt (
Peering Manager: Rob Woodward (